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Angelite Bracelet

Angelite Bracelet

Each bracelet sold separately. This bracelet consist of a stretch band and 6mm Angelite beads.



Balance, Calm, Communication, Divine Guidance, Dreamwork, Intuition, Psychic Ability, Spiritual Growth


Angelite inspires you to consciously seek and speak your truth. Balancing the throat chakra, its heavenly blue ray brings you into harmony with others by facilitating compassionate communication. Releasing feelings of anger and blame, it encourages you to voice your emotions in difficult situations. Words are composed by the frequency of your breath and when the truth is spoken, tension is set free. Activating the crown and third eye chakras, Angelite enhances intuition and receptivity to psychic channeling. Placed under your pillow, it improves dream recall and assists in the understanding of a meaningful interpretation.



Thoat, Third Eye, Crown

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