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Sardonyx Palmstone

Sardonyx Palmstone

Disclaimer: Look at each stone carefully, as they are all unique. Price is determined by the quality of the stone and the weight! That is why each one is priced differently. 



Motivation, Mental Discipline, Drive, Increased willpower


Sardonyx is an Agate that has a mixture of the patterning of Carnelian and Onyx. It brings motivation and drive to your life when you need it most. Sardonyx can help you focus on a particular task and provide a boost of energy. It can increase willpower and mental discipline. It can also attract happiness and positive energy.


1. 75g 

2. 91g

3. 79g

4. 74g

5. 80g

6. 48g

7. 60g

8. 71g

9. 74g 

10. 69g

11. 75g

12. 73g 

    PriceFrom $6.00
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